The New Gloucester Village Store building has served as a marketplace to New Gloucester for more than a century. Originally opened in the 1890s, the store ultimately came to exist as the New Gloucester Farmer’s Union for a better part of the 20th century. As a hardware, food, and penny candy resource, a well remembered attribute was the pot-bellied stove at the center of the market that served as a warm meeting place for locals. Many of these traits continued into the 1970s when the building was known as Peaco’s Market.

In 1980, the building was renovated and renamed the Village Store; a quaint convenience market whose charm became known through Humpty Dumpty commercials filmed at the store. In the 1990s the Burke family enhanced the food counter and introduced pizza to the building for the first time, and for a while it was a good place to get a bite as well as a market for household sundries. Alas, after the post office was moved out of the Lower Village, the store closed its doors in 1997 and the building was sold at auction. 

With a new owner, the building underwent considerable renovations, received a new foundation, and was generally fixed from a state of disrepair. Then in 2008 we bought the building and installed a giant wood-fired brick oven while also opening up the entire first floor to commerce for the first time in decades. 

Now known as the New Gloucester Village Store the building continues to serve as a market resource and a warm meeting place.



Our 35-ton oven is intended to best combine the needs of both pizza and bread making. Each day we build a fire in the oven from 11am to 9pm for cooking pizzas. The oven, having been built with extra mass around the cooking chamber, will maintain baking temperature for several hours after the fire goes out and we can bake bread with this residual heat. Feel free to ask to see it when you come in, it is an awesome cooking tool.

wood fire.jpg